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Welcome to TDS Studios

Expanding the horizons of gaming.


Welcome to the TDS Studios website. Here you'll find plenty of fun games you can play and learn more about TDS!

Who Am I?

TDS Studios is a one-man indie development studio. Hi, I'm Tom; I create all of the images, music and coding which go into the games! Click the button below to learn more.


TDS Studios welcomes cross-platform gaming, which is why games are created for several platforms, the most popular being PC and Android. Platforms such as the web may also be supported, too, to allow people on a range of devices to enjoy my games!

Beta Testing

No one likes a buggy game; that's why TDS Studios offers closed beta testing! Apply to join our testing programme and recieve the latest features early and give feedback to improve our games. Use the link below to sign up.

Sharing is Caring

TDS Studios frequently shares updates, teasers, inspiration and more to several popular social media platforms. Be sure to follow us to stay up-to-date with the latest in gaming news! Scroll down to see all of my social pages.

Social Wall

My social pages are full of project updates and inspiration. Go ahead and check them out!



Instagram is the go-to place to see the latest updates and announcements. Click the button below to visit my Instagram page!



Twitter is the home of major announcements and project updates. Check out my Twitter using the button below.


TDS Studios Discord Server

The TDS Studios Discord server is a place to chat about gaming, programming, art, hobbies and almost anything else! Get the latest announcements and updates, and play around with the custom TDS Studios Bot!

YouTube Channel

TDS Studios

The TDS Studios YouTube channel is home to fun videos, including gameplay, teasers, trailers, music and more! Make sure you subscribe and turn notifications on so you never miss an upload!


Any issues, enquiries or just want to get in touch? No problem, just drop me an email! Pres the button below to copy the address to your clipboard.


tds-studios is a indie game development platform. I mostly release any PC games I'm working on or have released, so make sure you're up-to-date with it!

Google Play

TDS Studios

Whenever I release mobile games, they're available on the Google Play Store. You can find all of my Android games and apps using the button below!


r/tdsstudios | u/tds_studios

The official TDS Studios subreddit allows you to chat about any of my games - feature requests, bug reports, videos and more!

My Games

TDS Studios creates a wide variety of fun and enjoyable games, on a variety of platforms - including Android and Windows. Check out the collection - you'll surely find something you love!

Indie Developer?

An 'indie' game developer develops video games without support from large publishers. Indie development usually consists of small teams, or in my case, individuals, creating games ranging from small arcade-style games to massive, complex games. Indie games are published independently - hence the name - from a publisher, meaning they have to advertise and market games accordingly.

Something Wrong?

Is something wrong with your experience? Do you feel like a game could be improved with a simple addition? I get it, that's why theres a built-in contact form in the website. If you need to report a bug or suggest a feature, the contact form will enable you to get in touch in seconds.