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TDS Studios

Dash Dodge

Frantically slide left and right to dodge the obstacles headed your way! The wide variety of different obstacles means every level is a challenge and takes true skill to beat!

Intuitive Controls

For PC, slide left and right using the arrow keys or the A and D keys, and jump with space!
For mobile, slide your finger across the screen to move, and release to jump!

User Content

With the online level browser, you can browse through the ever-growing library of user-created levels to play! Create your own levels with the level editor and upload them for all to enjoy.


Take a look at what Dash Dodge looks like!


Download for WindowsDownload for Android

Play Online

Dash Dodge for the web is back! Play all the online levels and use the fully-featured level editor in your browser!
Play Online

Time Machine

Ever wanted to play an old version of Dash Dodge? Well here you are, Dash Dodge 1.1! You can play it straight from your browser.
Time Machine