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Dash Dodge

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Dash Dodge is a fun, casual PC game where you must move side to side and jump to avoid the obstacles rapidly approaching you. The wide array of different obstacles means every level is a challenge and takes skill to beat.


The feature-packed level editor in Dash Dodge

The my levels screen where you can manage your creations

The level browser which provides a gateway to the world

The title screen - clean and modern


Playing Dash Dodge

Dash Dodge is currently available on Windows. It has been tested on Windows 10, but should work on earlier versions.


That's what's happened to Dash Dodge so far, but with your feedback, who knows what the future holds?

Download Dash Dodge

Dash Dodge is hosted right here, and you can check out for a fully-featured, uncondensed devlog. Read more about Dash Dodge's history, or download it using the button below!

The latest version of Dash Dodge is: 1.7.1

Game Assets

Below you can download all of the music found inside of Dash Dodge, composed by me!