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Falling Blocks


In Falling Blocks, your goal is to dodge the blocks which fall from the sky! Roll across the variety of themes and collect coins.


A visualisiation of the default but beautiful grassy theme

Rolling in the desert theme

It's cold in the snowy theme

Look - a powerup

A player who consumed the shrink powerup

Double rainbow!

The Falling Blocks shop


Playing Falling Blocks

Falling Blocks is currently available for Android 4.3+. There are multiple ways to play Falling Blocks; use tilt controls for a life-like control system, or use touch controls for easier on-the-go play!


★★★★★ "A game crafted with passion and love, with god level graphics and gameplay. I have never in my life been more attracted to anything." - Zak W.


At this point, Falling Blocks is no longer really maintained and I have focused on other projects, however, the game is still a blast to play, so download it with the link below!

Download Falling Blocks

Falling Blocks is available on the Google Play store. You'll need an Android device with at least Android 4.3.

Get it on Google Play