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Check out my wide variety of games, available on a bunch of platforms including Android and PC! I frequenty code and create brand new games, and update existing ones to provide maximum enjoyment!

Dash Dodge

Dash Dodge is a fun and casual game where you dodge the obstacles heading your way! With stunning graphics and dramatic music, you'll get hooked straight away. Create your own levels with the feature-packed level editor and share them with the world online!
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Falling Blocks

Dodge the blocks that fall from the sky! In Falling Blocks, you - the player - must roll across the ground, dodging the blocks that fall. Coins allow you to purchase new themes and decorations and unlock new styles of playing!
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Roll downwards into the depths of the ancient pyramid while avoiding the enemies! Skillfully roll downwards, tilting your device, and down into the gloomy architecture, avoiding the rolling enemies and collecting shiny artifacts! But wait - it's not that simple - ancient Greek Gods employ random spells on you; shifts in gravity, summons of enemies or blackouts - so be careful!
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Stack up your blocks to reach the sky! Stacker is a fun, 3D game in which you need to stack up colourful blocks as high as you can! Using the fluid controls, interlock voxel blocks with each other and tower high into the sky! Collect all of the themes and achievements and then climb to the top of the leaderboards!
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About My Games

I use the Unity game engine to produce all of my games. It allows for flexibility during the game creation process, and creates a wide diversity of 2D and 3D games for you to download, play and love!