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Pyramidical is a fun mobile game in which you roll downwards into the depths of the ancient pyramid while avoiding the enemies to try and get the highest score possible! Compete with the world using the built-in leaderboard!


The title screen of Pyramidical

A player just playing like a player plays

Oh no; a blackout

Houston, we have a problem - we're floating

Another player just playing how a player does play

Oh no; it's game over

The shop filled with lots of fancy skins


Playing Pyramidical

Pyramidical is currently in public beta. This means you can download it from Google Play without signing up to the beta program. It's controls feel intuitive, using your device's accelerometer to detect input.


★★★★★ "Pyramidical is an exciting and action packed game!" - Morgan G.


Pyramidical may only recieve some minor updates, however, it is still fun to play!

Download Pyramidical

Pyramidical is available on the Google Play Store. You'll need an Android device running at least version 4.4.

Get it on Google Play